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App (Application)
Downloadable tools, resources, games, social networks or almost anything that adds a function or feature to a wireless device that are available for free or a fee. Some applications may also offer users the ability to purchase content or enhanced features within the application. Parents may limit their child's ability to download or make these in-app purchases by password protecting those features on a wireless device.

An app is mobile software that adds a function or feature to a wireless device; popular apps include games, social networks, maps, and music/video sharing. Whether you have an unlimited plan or a monthly allotment, it's important to understand how apps use data before you purchase or download them since your wireless experience – from the app, data usage, battery life and network speeds – will be impacted.

For consumers, CTIA-The Wireless Association®, along with its members and the app developer community, created so you know how the most popular apps use data. With Intertek Testing Services North America, we offer data usage estimates on some of the most popular apps in the Apple and Google stores.

You can conserve data on your smartphone with the following tips:

  • Switch from cellular to Wi-Fi service where secure Wi-Fi is available;
  • Adjust your apps' settings to stop or minimize updates unless you're on a secure Wi-Fi hotspot;
  • Minimize apps that aren't in use so they're not running in the background;
  • Uninstall any apps you don't use.

This site serves as a benchmark for measuring the data usage and efficiency of mobile applications. It delivers information to consumers and developers to help understand how mobile applications use data.

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